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If You Build It They Will Come!

Not Always, Hardly ever actually - We show them where to go

Keywords, Backlinks, Competitor analysis - What?

Don't worry we do SEO for you!

We provide a full SEO service for your company. We carry out all necessary research to provide you with a site that converts traffic to customers. From keywords, backlinks, and competitor analysis to writing your website content for you. We do it all.


When developing a website it's important to think like your customer. Know your customer, and know what they want. If you don't do this you' will not improve your website’s performance and performance leads to sales which leads to more money.


It’s important to remember that your focus must be on the customer not on Google. We see so many websites that have been optimised for Google's robots rather than for real-life customers and frankly, they are hard to read and most of the time read like utter rubbish.


You will find lots of blogs and articles online stating that you need a well-designed website to do well on Google. This is to some degree true but this is written by website designers and not people who actually know how to rank on search engines. Design is not the be-all and end-all.  However, saying that good SEO and web design work together and . . .


Design without the SEO is just art.


You might as well frame your website and stick it on your wall because design without SEO leads to  . . . no sales and let's face it, it's all about the money.

Google now ranks websites that are mobile-friendly higher than those that are not mobile-friendly.



In fact,  with nearly half of all internet traffic coming from mobile phones if you aren't set up for mobile expect very little traffic. It's amazing how many websites are still not mobile optimised. 

Get mobile-friendly and quick!

We do not charge you extra for building a mobile-friendly site, we include the price of the two sites as part of your main package. We provide services for small to medium businesses and we understand you may not have the cash flow to splash out on expensive websites and that's ok.


We can build you cost-effective and efficient websites that can entice and convert traffic for you. We can build you a site that is SEO optimised to suit humans,  search engines, and your budget. 

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